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Aubel, 4268 inhabitants. Close to the three borders, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the Pays d'Aubel is located in the centre of the triangle Liege - Maastricht - Aachen, in the heart of the Euregio. Our territory of 1,883 ha is situated at an altitude of 235 m on a plateau overlooking two valleys, the Berwinne and the Bel. The agricultural land forms this wonderful landscape of hedged farmland where many paths invite you to take a walk through the fields via numerous gates, wickets or other stiles. In Aubel, you will find a number of stately homes that bear witness to its rich past. The venerable Val-Dieu Abbey and its majestic site are its pride and joy. Aubel has always been the economic centre of the Pays de Herve, thanks in particular to its famous grain market. Today, the twice-weekly market offers you: meats, sausages, syrups, ciders, beers... Nothing is missing in Aubel, where the many traders and restaurateurs will help you discover the richness and diversity of its local products. The Aubelois are good people and many festivities regularly enliven our local life.

Places of interest

The church of Saint-Hubert in Aubel
The old cemetery in Aubel
The American Cemetery at Henri-Chapelle
The orientation table at the place called "Knuppelstock"
The church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste
The abbey Notre-Dame du Val-Dieu, its park, its brewery, the mill and the nature reserve


Tuesday and Sunday markets
The gourmet village (Christmas)
Festivities and kermesses of St-Hubert (November - June)
The music festival and book fair (June)
Village festivals (summer)
Spring Concerts at Val-Dieu Abbey (May - June)
The mega flea market (July)
Painters in the street (September)

Culinary specialities

The beer: brewed within the Val-Dieu abbey itself, so the current beers are true abbey beers
The syrup: delicious spread made from the fruits of our orchards
The cider: the reputation of Stassen ciders is well established and there is something for everyone: with or without alcohol, the cider house offers you a beautiful range of sparkling and refreshing aperitifs
Cured meats: the famous "Aubel" sausages are indeed a local product!
The cheeses: It is impossible to talk about the Herve region without mentioning its famous cheese! The Herve Société is also the source of several cheeses linked to the Val-Dieu Abbey

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