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Aubel - Thimister - Stavelot

56th edition - From 5 to 7 August 2022


World-class reference for "Aubel-Thimister-Stavelot

Outstanding performance of the 2021 ATS winners in last week's "Peace Race" stage race in the Czech Republic

  • among the top 5 in the final ranking of our ATS21 event, four of them are in the "Top 5" of the overall ranking of the very famous "Peace Race" event
  • the best young rider of the two events is the German Emil HERZOG from the team of our Champion Cian (Team Auto Eder)
Ranking of the Peace Race
1th (NOR) Per Strand Hagenes ATS: 2nd
2nd (DE) Emil Herzog ATS: 3rd
3rd (BE) Cian Uitdebroeks ATS: 1st
4th (FR) Romain Grégoire ATS: 5th

Belgian National Selection: European Championships - 8 to 12 September - TRENZE (Italy)

Selection of time trials:

  • Alec SEGAERT
Selection of the road race:
  • Jente MICHELS
    ATS: 4th
    Peace Race: /
  • Maxence PLACE
    ATS: 7th (3rd Class. "Jeunes", 1st "Belge")
    Peace Race: /
  • Alec SEGAERT
    ATS: 9th
    Peace Race: /
    ATS: 1st
    Peace Race: 3rd
  • Leander VAN HAUTEGEM
    ATS: 25th
    Peace Race: 39th
    ATS: 22th (5th Class. "Jeunes")
    Peace Race: 7th

Update - 08.08.2021

The results of each stage have been added.

Image Presentation Flèche Ardennaise
Image Presentation Flèche Ardennaise

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